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How Fyndeasy Works


FyndEasy uses PinLets to keep you sane when you are looking for restaurants, stores, or anything really nearby.

PinLets are geo-tagged snippets of information about places to visit. PinLets have the name & category of the place, promotional broadcast, and it’s distance from you.

Map View

Map View lets you explore PinLets of the places that are located 10km far from your current location or the Google location you search for. You can filter the results based on categories.

Closely placed PinLets merge into clusters and expand into different PinLets when zoomed in or tapped on.

AR View

With AR-View you can explore PinLets around you, anywhere. Just point your camera in a direction and all the PinLets within 1km will pop up on the screen. Tap on a PinLet to see the details of the place.

Just like in map view, filter the results by using categories and expand the clusters of PinLets by clicking on the numbered pinlets.

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