5 Common Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

5 Common Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Published on: July 16, 2021

Our ongoing campaign #VocalForLocal focuses on spreading awareness for supporting local small enterprises and giving them momentum. Our previous article shares information on how consumers can support small enterprises in their neighborhoods and uplift the economy over time. In this article, we shall bullet the 5 common mistakes that small businesses make, hindering their customer reach and sales. 

1. Weak Online Presence

online presence

A robust online presence is not only a path to reach out to more audiences but to present an impressive virtual shop-front for your business. In these internet-obsessed times, the first thing people do before they visit a restaurant, gallery, or cafe is going online and search for the images and videos that could grant them a peek at what the place has to offer, which thus becomes a deciding factor for whether or not to proceed. It is often overlooked by small businesses, as they underestimate the power of digital spaces and solely rely on offline marketing or word of mouth. Building a website can be a costly affair, which is why FyndEasy’s Microsite feature is a much feasible alternative. On the FyndEasy app, businesses get a free Microsite that can be enriched with images, videos, links, documents, audios, and many more features, allowing companies to showcase impressionable content and increase brand value.

2. Social Media Game

social media presence

Social media platforms can be a game-changer for local businesses, especially those that fall into the niche category. It is a proven effective medium for businesses to reach out to audiences with specific interests through ads. Moreover, the rate at which things go viral on these platforms has always been impeccable. Often small business owners shy away from spending money on social media marketing. If done rightly, these platforms could prove a boon to businesses to target potential customers, get leads, and convert them. 

3. Hyperlocal Reach

hyperlocal search

The pandemic has caused a shift in the consumer mentality as more and more customers are avoiding traveling for long periods, increasing the probability of contracting the infection. Customers are more likely to shop at a local store instead of visiting a supermarket located in an area 10 blocks away like they previously did. More and more companies are relying on hyperlocal search apps to be found easily by local customers. FyndEasy’s powerful search engine connects businesses to users in their area looking for service. 

4. Inadequate Online Customer Support

customer help

While some small-scale businesses already have an online or social media presence, they neglect their customer support. With an increasing number of customers preferring to communicate via online messaging for booking, inquiries, reporting, etc., businesses fail to respond to the customers promptly. Platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram messages, or WhatsApp business chat have reduced the gap between business owners and customers, making communication hassle-free. But the lack of promptness can result in a bad rep for the business, losing customers. Small businesses must ensure that they respond to these messages in time to maintain a good relationship with their customers and retain them for a long time.

5. Tracking Results 

track results

With analytical tools in place, businesses can track the response based on the metrics fetched. What kinds of ads bring you more customers, or which branch of your store needs to buckle up the marketing strategy to accelerate the sales, etc. FyndEasy’s upcoming feature, called Promos allows businesses to run ad campaigns across selected locations and pull in data, which helps evaluate the ROI and strategize campaigns in the future based on the reports conceived. Small businesses can leverage this highly cost-effective web-based tool to run small ad campaigns and track the results to understand the consumer response.

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