Tips for good mental health

5 Easy Life Hacks To Maintain Good Mental Health

Published on: October 9, 2020

2020 has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster for mental health. The world experiences a paradigm shift in the standard way of life due to the worldwide contagion of COVID-19. With the pandemic taking its course, we are left with little to no choice when it comes to social interaction and recreational events. Not only do we live in constant apprehension of contracting the virus, but the derailment towards a more secluded and uncertain lifestyle has caused a spike in cases of faltering mental health.

Often, mental health awareness is looked down upon, ignoring the obvious red flags encountered. Unresolved, these issues further depression or even induce panic attacks. Identifying anxiety at an early stage and conquering it with simple yet efficient measures can help curb its furthermore amplification.

On account of the #WorldMentalHealthDay, 10th October 2020, here are 5 easy hacks to counter anxiety and stress for good mental health.

1. Talk It Out

Always Open up for good mental health

With no more social gatherings nor the customary weekend getaways, the feeling of anxiousness is, bound to creep in. In such circumstances, always make sure that you open a dialogue with your family members or reach out to your close friends. Do not hesitate to seek professional help if things get murkier.

2. Rejuvenation Is Essential

wellness & spa to destress

Confined within our homes and deprived of the once too often social interactions, our minds often tend to feel constricted. The resulted stress accumulates into the muscles, triggering tension furthermore. Timely holistic measures such as traditional massages, spa treatments, or wellness therapies, help to end this vicious stress cycle. With the fyndeasy app, not only can you locate a suitable spa near you, but also get notified of the latest offers through the broadcast feature.

3. Lift Your Spirits With Shopping

retail therapy for good mental health

Not only does an occasional episode of shopping helps alleviate sadness, but researches also suggest that exercising choice during shopping can boost one’s sense of control. The feeling of empowerment associated with shopping effectively enhances mental health. Be it a brief trip to grab a list of essentials or purchase a dapper outfit during an ongoing sale. But how can one shop fearlessly in these cynical times of pandemic? With the fyndeasy app, you can book a slot at your nearest shop for essentials at your convenient time and stay clear of those mind-numbing queues. Take a look at these rules for safe shopping during the coronavirus.

4. Maintain A Fitness Routine

exercise regularly to beat stress

A regular exercise regime is known to counter anxiety with the release of feel-good endorphins. Aerobic exercises such as cycling, brisk walk, cardio, dancing, etc. are an excellent option for relaxing and increasing mental positivity. They help in improving the cardiovascular as well as mental health. Several gyms are now back in action, implementing all the necessary measures for a sanitized environment. You can check for the ones in your area on the app.

5. Treat Your Taste Buds

Food for good mood

Good food always helps shape a good mood. Some foods are scientifically proven to increase the release of mood-boosting neurotransmitters. Foods such as fish, green tea, dark chocolate, coffee, eggs, cheese are famously known to enhance moods and beat the blues. With a plethora of cafes listed on the fyndeasy app, you can easily compare the ongoing offers on the various nearby cafés and save big bucks with pocket-friendly choices.

As we strive to stay afloat in these cumbersome times of uncertainty, let us also make sure that we concurrently promote mental health awareness amongst our circles, for a healthier society