shopping safely at grocery store

5 Essential Tips for Shopping Safely at the Grocery Store in The Pandemic

Published on: December 7, 2020

Almost a year into the pandemic, the dreadful covid-19 is still sprawling its terror worldwide, as the second wave hits several areas. Nowhere is the situation close to letting any guards down and turning back to our former ways of living. Nevertheless, we sure have adapted to the current cautious lifestyle, abiding by the norms of sanitation and prevention.

Outdoor activities such as shopping for essentials at the grocery store is one such preliminary chore that can be of risk if not performed wisely. Along with the basic rules of wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, and social distancing, more precautions need to be taken to ensure maximum safety. So let’s go through a couple of effective hacks for shopping safely at the Grocery store.

1. Keep a Grocery List Ready Beforehand

grocery list

The more you spend time in a grocery store, the more chances of a bacterial transmission through the surroundings, if any, increase. Keeping a grocery list ready beforehand reduces the time spent juggling between aisles. The quicker your trip the lesser the risk to you and others.

2. Shop In A Reserved Slot

slot booking

Reserving a slot for your shopping episode is the best way to steer clear of crowds. Not only do you dodge tiresome queues and practice social distancing, but also save a lot of time. If you are looking forward to booking a slot for shopping safely in a crowd-free environment, download the FyndEasy app. Its Slot booking feature allows you to book a shopping period as per your convenience, at the store you select. You can download the FyndEasy app on Google PlayStore and IOS App Store here.

3. Choose Electronic Payment

electronic payment

The surface of monetary currencies passes through several hands and can be a carrier of many bacteria, including covid-19. Avoid exchange cash and resort to digital transactions, eradicating the chances of any possible bacterial transfer.

4. Carry Your Own Bag for Shopping Safely

reusable bag

Not only is carrying your own reusable bag an eco-friendly way for shopping, but it also helps reduce the risk of contamination. Carry your own washable or sanitizable bags, and avoid taking bags from the stores. Though stores take the utmost precautions to keep products sanitized, we still cannot be sure of the handling, considering human errors.

5. Avoid Touching Things You Don’t Intend To Buy

avoid touching things

While shopping we often tend to pick up things to either inspect or read the product specifications. As a thumb rule, Do not touch things that you don’t intend to buy, to avoid contracting or contaminating surfaces, for your and others safety. The next time you visit a Grocery store, make sure you implement the above tips for shopping safely, for a stress-free visit.