5 Ways To Support Small Businesses

5 Ways To Support Small Businesses – Post Covid

Published on: July 9, 2021

Last year was nothing short of a nightmare for many small businesses as the pandemic engulfed the country in its clutches. Several small enterprises had to close temporarily, while others went completely belly up due to the financial crunch. As a result, several employees were jobless, leaving them high and dry. Even though 2021 hasn’t been any kinder than the previous, as the second wave hit harder than the previous one, we are now better experienced in handling the situation this year. After a brief lockdown and a string of curfews, businesses are back in action in several areas. As local shops and restaurants making ends meet, we consumers can lend a hand by purchasing goods and services from them. Let’s take a look at five different ways in which we can support small businesses.

1. Spread The Word

spread the word

Word of mouth works like magic. Spread the word amongst your circle of friends through WhatsApp, social media, etc., and help the local business gain a good reputation. A simple post on your social media feed with a picture of the food from the local cafe, or a dress bought from a nearby boutique with location tags, will increase the reach. These small but conscious efforts shall go a long way.

2. Hashtags On Social Media

social media hashtags

Hashtags on social media are a great way to amplify the reach of a business. The more you share these hashtags, the more you amplify a brand. Social media is one of the most effective platforms for branding and creating visibility for brands, with millions of users active on it.

3. Purchase Gift Cards

buy giftcards

Present your loved ones with gift cards from the local gift shop, or purchase a coupon for a local cafe. It will ensure that more people not only visit the store but may also end up buying more stuff. It also gets people acquainted with the store, turning them into repeat customers.

4. Write Online Reviews

share review

Review plays a pivotal role in customers’ decision-making while purchasing products/services. Make sure that when you visit a local shop or eatery, share a review online. Sharing a good experience of the prompt service at a local restaurant, the superior quality of produce at the local farmer’s market or, the craftsmanship of the favorite tailor on your street will help them garner good faith. So the next time you make a visit, remember to upload a review.

5. FyndEasy App

fyndeasy app

On the FyndEasy app, not only can customers discover small businesses near them but also stay connected with their favorite stores with bell notifications. FyndEasy showcases an extensive listing of even the smallest stores and restaurants in your locality to ensure they get more visibility and are connected to the audiences looking for their services on the app.

If you wish to download the FyndEasy app to support small businesses, you can do it here on Google Playstore & IOS App Store