90’s Fashion Trends in Women’s Clothes That Are Back With A Bang

Published on: November 20, 2020

The 90’s fashion has brought us some strikingly iconic styles in women’s clothes. Our favorite celebrity style icons parading the edgy, funky halter neck tops or the chic cowl neck cocktail gowns, on-screen, or the tabloids we saw it all, and they sure were a hit. The revolutionary era of a surge in technology exposed the world of glamour in many more ways and far off places. The latest trends dictated the fashion scenes everywhere, creating a wave that ruled the whole decade. 

Even as the styles faded over time, they made a lasting impression in our minds with a special place in our hearts. Many of these trends have come back with a bang and are once again rocking the fashion world. Here are some of the 90’s fashion trends in women’s clothes that have made a comeback.

1. High-Waisted Mom Jeans

high waisted jeans

The high-waisted mom jeans have once again set foot in the malls and are scoring well with the Gen-Z. These airy and baggy jeans are comfortable, cozy, and stylish. As one of the most popular vintage outfits, these roomy denim pants are undoubtedly a non-negotiable wardrobe essential.

2. Crop Tops

crop tops

Though crop tops never went out of style completely, they are now officially triumphing over the fashion charts. The versatility with which it can team up with almost every and any bottom wear makes it one of the most beloved styles by the fashionistas.

3. Slip Dresses

slip dress

Popularly worn at elegant soirees, the slip dresses were an exemplification of minimalism, a 90’s fashion diorama. This staple couture for models back then has now resurfaced, being hailed as a chic style by fashion lovers once again.

4. Overalls


Designed with an intent to protect while working in fields, these unisex denim jumpsuits were a wardrobe essential in the 90s. Now once again, they are creating a buzz with their homely countryside charm. When teamed with cute tees and a pair of sneakers, the dungarees once again reign as a timeless trend.

5. Flannel Shirts

flannel shirts

The oversized flannel shirts often associated with the grunge look were once the staple of the hippies and lumberjacks. Its sheer comfort and the relaxed demeanor makes it once again popular amongst the millennial and the Gen-Z, rendering it a wardrobe essential.

6. Plaid Blazers

plaid blazers

The sensational vintage fashion of plaid blazers, one of the voguish attires in the 90’s fashion, has rebooted. Women are loving experimenting with these dapper blazers, with both formal and informal pairings.

7. Turtle Neck

polo neck

The classy and stylish turtle neck women’s clothes were the pinnacle of sophistication back then and were worn widely by the ladies. A perfect addition to the fall and winter collection, this urbane trend is once again the talk of the fashion town.

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