Check-In To Unlock Exciting Offers On Your Favorite Stores

Let’s make shopping a lot more fun with Check-in. FyndEasy’s uber-cool feature lets you unlock great offers and discounts on your favorite brands when you “Check-in” on the FyndEasy App. Awesome, isn’t it?

Benifits Of Check-In

Boost Walk-in

Get more footfall to your store with the help of Check-in offers.

Enhance Revenue

Increased walk-ins will result in higher revenue for your brand with offers and promotions once the customer ‘Check-In’.

Increase Brand Value

Using FyndEasy, you can promote online offers and use features to manage your customers better, hence increasing the brand value easily.

A one-of-its-kind App, FyndEasy’s Check-In feature is the magic-trick you have been looking for to amplify the walk-ins and subsequently, the in-house sales.

To achieve the revenue target of your dreams, all you need to do is roll out offers and deals on your brands like never before on the FyndEasy App. Your customers can avail of the offers by simply checking in to your store.

Wondering how to add Check-In Based Offers?

Here are the steps you need to follow


Choose the PinLet where you want to add your Check-in based offer and Click on “Create Check-in Offer”.


Enter Offer Name and Description under the titles. Make sure that your Offer Name is under 100 characters and Offer Description is not more than 250 characters.


If there are any limitations to the offer, list them down under “Terms and Conditions”.


If the Offer is for a limited period, add the Start and Stop dates.


Select your preferred Code Package and bingo, your offer is updated.