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Connect With Customers

FyndEasy is specially created to bridge the gap between businesses and users. It is a great online platform for businesses to showcase their products, services, and location. Recouping the true bliss of shopping offline, FyndEasy is here to help businesses drive more local traffic to your store and boost revenue, effortlessly!

Increase Your Visibility

FyndEasy is a market first solution to enable businesses to create and discover information more easily in the real world through mediums of Augmented Reality, Powerful Search Engines, and Localization.

Go Online

FyndEasy helps businesses get online in just minutes via ‘PinLets’. PinLets are searchable snippets of information for your store or business establishment that help you get discovered on the go! They consist of your business information like category, business name, thumbnail & broadcast message.

Be Discoverable

Thousands of users rely on FyndEasy to navigate and discover new places around them. If you want to be discovered too and grow your business, download FyndEasy – Business App (play store link) to flourish together!

Why FyndEasy?

Get discovered on the go!

Pinlets on the AR-Powered & Advanced Hyper-local Search Engine Map will help you get discovered locally and increase your brand awareness effortlessly.

Get a Microsite instantly, for free!

You will get an auto-generated Digital presence for free that will be searchable on google. Give enriched information about your business. Customize with attractive images, videos and More.

Boost Customer Walk-ins without spending on Advertising!

Attract more walk-ins by reaching more people and lure in users to your business with attractive broadcasts, check in based offers and featuring in the spotlight of the week. Engage with thousands of users around you by broadcasting exclusive offers and new products and creating offers that unlock when customers check-in the store.

Keep your Customers updated & establish a Loyal Customer Base.

Ask your regular or local customers to subscribe to your store via Ring-a-bell feature. Your customers will be notified through in-app notifications with your daily broadcasts. This will help you generate more revenue & enhance brand value, easily!

Get Listed Online
and Create a Pinlet, Easily!

Enter your location coordinates, images, videos & other attributes to go live in just 5 minutes!

Offer an Exclusive Shopping Experience for Your Customers

Gain customer loyalty and increase brand faith by giving your customers the unique feature of booking a slot at the store. It ensures the safety of the customers and staff, further increasing customer retention. It also results in optimum utilization of time and human resources at the store, owing to the time-specific shopping slots.

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Experience AR Marketing via Virtual Billboards and Run Campaigns

Brands can leverage Fyndeasy’s AR View to place their Location-based Marketing Campaigns in front of millions of users exploring their world through the Camera Lens. You can choose from a standard range of AD unit types from Interstitial to Mixed media Display to run the ads and measure end to end conversions.