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Nightlife in Hyderabad Is Full Of Pleasant Surprises!

Published on: February 27, 2020

Like every metropolitan, people living in Hyderabad too have a busy and fast-paced lifestyle. However, it is a haven for the nocturnal people as there are nightclubs, bars, and pubs to keep you interested. Indulge in foot-tapping music, delicious delicacies, sip on delightful drinks, sing your heart out or just feel the cool breeze driving on empty roads! The city provides you with everything to experience the best nightlife in Hyderabad. Not just party spots, but there is a whole range of options if you just want to enjoy a long night drive around the city.

Explore the city vivid places the city of Nizams has in store for you. Get a breath of fresh air on the weekends, and have a wonderful nightlife in Hyderabad. Here are a few amazing ideas and spots around the city, most of them function even on midnight! Read on to discover how to have a great nightlife in Hyderabad.

Mesmerize yourself with the Sound & Light Show:

Mesmerize yourself with the Sound & Light Show

If you are a fan of history but don’t like to head out in the scorching heat, Golkonda Fort’s Sound and Light show is the place for you. Discover the greatest heritage and pride of the city of Nizams and learn about its rich past. You can catch up on the late evening show that is organized every night. In the show, Amitabh Bachchan narrates the astonishing history of the fort with melodious background music by Jagjit Singh.

Another spectacular sound & light show is held in the Warangal fort every evening. The 50 minutes long show unveils the rich culture and history of the Kakatiya dynasty in Telugu and English. The bright, colorful laser lighting show combined with the excellent soundtrack is the highlight of this popular and impressive show. If you’re in the mood for a long drive and a great history lesson, Warangal Fort is the place for you!

Feel the rush, Trek, Camp & Stargaze

Feel the rush, Trek, Camp & Stargaze

Sometimes all you need is to escape the city buzz and head to the woods to catch a breath of fresh air and renew your soul.  Fortunately, there are many places around the city that you can visit to have a quiet night out. There are many camping groups and clubs who arrange camps not so far away from the city.

Depending on the headcount, you can customize your night out by visiting places like Ananthagiri Hills, Ethipothala Waterfalls, Laknavaram Lake or Nallamala Forest. These places are 100-200km away from Hyderabad. Ideal for a long drive and a short rejuvenating getaway amidst the greens!

If you are feeling a bit adventurous you can test your skills and feel the adrenaline rush on adventure platforms. Places like The Hidden Castle have Treetop Walk, Ziplining, Trekking, Rappelling, etc. along with camping in the sharable tents. A perfect getaway to unwind and bond with friends over good food, bonfire, and calming ambiance. Indulge in a unique blend of leisure, adrenaline rush, and a lot of fun!

Sing, Sip, Dance & Delve Into Delicious Delicacies 

Sing, Sip, Dance & Delve Into Delicious Delicacies

In a mood to party all night and have a gala time with your friends? Hyderabad’s plush clubs and pubs have got your back! Head to the famous night restro-bars like Altitude, Tikki Shack, Amnesia, Mustang Terrace Lounge, Over The Moon, etc., for a night filled with entertainment, delectable food & drinks, and pleasant ambiance!

You can de-stress, unwind and have a refreshing nightlife in Hyderabad on the weekends.  Sip on your favorite cocktail, treat your taste buds, and relax with upbeat music in the lively pubs. If you’re in a mood to perform you can test your singing skills too. Participate in the Karaoke night of 10 Downing Street and sing your heart out!

If you’re a caffeine addict, restro-pubs like The Moonshine Project provide gourmet coffees up till midnight. With live music played by the best local bands of Hyderabad, it is the perfect place to sit back and entertain yourself. Make the most of chilly nights with a hot beverage and lively atmosphere.

Race in the Moonlight and chase the Sunrise!


If you want your night to be filled with fun and excitement head to the 600 meters long Shamshabad Go-Kart Track.  Have a thrilling night with your friends in this late-night hangout is available till 4 am from Monday to Saturday. 

Even if you’re in a mood for a quiet night on the road, glaring at the city lights Hyderabad is the city for you! The long-empty highways of Necklace Road and Outer Ring Road are perfect to have a peaceful nightlife in Hyderabad. The Necklace Road was named after the great Marine Drive of Mumbai that is called the Queen’s Necklace.

You can also enjoy the late nightlife in Hyderabad with long drives, scenic view and delightful midnight meals. Savor dosas from the best dosa place in Hyderabad, Ram Ki Bandi. If you are lucky, you can also munch on meals on Drive-ins  located near the highways which are open all night long! Explore the unexplored places in Hyderabad, give into midnight cravings and enjoy the late-night drive whiles gazing at the calm scenic view!

All the above ideas are great to have a happening nightlife in Hyderabad. Hope it helps you make the most of your tiresome days and have a joyful time in the city!