Significance of Augmented Reality in Retail

Significance of Augmented Reality in Retail

Published on: January 22, 2020

Augmented Reality(AR) is a new way of representing the real-world through interactive systems. Computer-generated perceptual information like various sensory modalities such as visual, auditory, olfactory, and haptics enhances the objects. AR now is a program that achieves four essential features – a blend of real and virtual worlds, accurate 3D recording of virtual & real objects with real-time interaction and geolocation. The extended sensory data can either be constructive, i.e., adding to natural surroundings or destructive, i.e., hiding natural surroundings.

Augmented Reality with real objects with real-time interaction

AR system is smoothly intertwined with the physical world that provides real-world experience. It is often known as- computer-mediated reality and mixed reality. AR modifies user’s viewpoint of a real-world environment, whereas Virtual reality completely substitutes one’s real-world setting with a simulated one. AR technology enhances real-world details to help users interact smoothly with the world around them without much human interaction. Hence, AR technology has now become popular among the young generation. Several companies have adopted this latest technology to promote their products and schemes.

AR with Customer Engagement

AR has also transformed advertising and taken customer engagement to a whole new level. The most significant advantage of AR is how it establishes an emotional connection with customers by affecting their perception effectively. As most of the users are usually using their gadgets, Hyper-local advertisements can easily be viewed on their smartphone screens. This spreads brand awareness and allows users to enquire easily. It also persuades users to visit and purchase their products instead of using an e-commerce store for shopping. This helps business owners get a better understanding of customer’s behavior, interests and demand. As a result, they can alter their business approach to draw in the right audience.

Following the trend of AR, FyndEasy comes with an AR-powered map to allow users to discover nearby places and search for what they need locally. It is a hyper-local search engine that allows users to find what they need and know where to get it. It enhances the user experience through the AR-powered map with pinlets and helps them navigate around the area.

AR has remoulded both consumer’s and vendor’s mindsets. More and more business owners are now considering location-based technology to enhance customer experience, push revenue, and develop operational efficiency. Many people prefer to see a variety of things in one place and enquire about the stock before visiting them. Thus, FyndEasy offers you all the necessary information needed to contact businesses and find what you want. This increases customer to business interaction and provides more clarity on what the customers need.

Find nearby places around you through FyndEasy

Not just that, whenever you are travelling, FyndEasy’s AR-powered map will help you locate places around you through Pinlets. These pinlets will also include customized texts by business owners. The text can include stock details, limited offers, check-in based offers, etc., that can help you save on daily spendings.

With hyper-local search, you can look for things you need and explore new places all by yourself. Whereas, with FyndEasy’s AR-Powered map you can discover hyper-local business discoveries on the go easily. Once you are walking down the street, you will be able to view Pinlets of stores and when you tap on them you will be able to see the additional details of the store.
Even when you are planning to head out to shop for groceries you can use FyndEasy. All you need to do is search and you will get a list of retail stores in Hyderabad. With FyndEasy, AR in retail shopping will help you save big on monthly shopping. You can save more time and money by browsing through the different stores in the city. Choose from the top deals and offers in Hyderabad all in one place and find anything around you with FyndEasy!