FyndEasy’s New Slot Booking feature makes Shopping quicker, smoother and safer!

Bustling aisles, long queues and crowded spaces not your thing? With FyndEasy’s new slot booking feature, you can now book a unique slot for yourself at a store of your choice. This ensures you save time while enjoying a safe and seamless shopping experience. All as per your convenience.

Slot Booking Feature

Don’t want to spend time waiting at the counter? Book a Slot on FyndEasy and pick your parcel, on the go!

This revolutionary feature lets you place your order online and pick them up at a suitable time. Great, isn’t it? What’s even more awesome is that you can actually save more by applying online coupons and deals to save money while you shop from the comfort of your home.

Why Book A Slot?


Slots are available through the day, every day. The feature lets you pick a time that works best for you.

Saves time

No more waiting your turn in long queues.


Social distancing is the norm to follow in times of the current pandemic and in the near future as well. Booking yourself a unique slot ensures you’re able to always maintain a safe distance.

To sum it up, using FyndEasy’s new Slot Booking to pre-book yourself a unique slot lets you can
complete your shopping at a store of your choice, at a time convenient for you in a safe,
crowd-free environment.

Book a Slot in 5 Easy Steps.

01 – Download the FyndEasy app from Play Store or App Store.

02 – Sign up to create a free account.

03 – Find stores that are currently operational in your area.

04 – Book a unique slot for yourself at a store of your choice, at a time of your convenience.

05 – Shop during your personal slot, safely and seamlessly.

Detailed Tutorial

Get Started


Download the FyndEasy app from Play Store or App Store for Android and iOs respectively.


Create an account by signing up. (It’s free!).

Book A Slot


Click on the ‘Stores’ option at the bottom of your screen to get a list of stores currently operational in your area.


Select the store you would like to shop from. Click on ‘Tap to get a booking slot’.


Select the date when you wish to shop. Then pick a slot from the different one-hour slots available on the said date.

Click on ‘Get A Unique Slot’ to seal your slot. Once a unique code is generated, you will receive a confirmation on your screen.


Click on the ‘My Slot Bookings’ tab to access your unique slot code.

Shop in Your Slot

Get to your chosen store during your unique slot. Then simply show the store manager your unique slot code by clicking on the ‘My Slot Bookings’ tab in your FyndEasy app.

Do make sure to complete your shopping within your slot duration, so that everyone manages to get their essential supplies without crowding and chaos.

For Business

Why Offer a Slot Booking Feature

Establish Visibility

Let your regular and prospective clientele know that you’re up and running. You can also use our interface to broadcast promotional content with users and convert enhanced visibility into greater footfall as well.

Ensure Safety

By notifying your clients of available slots and having them book unique slots for themselves, you prevent crowding on your premises. This ensures compliance with social distancing requirements that are the norm now and for the near future.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

By providing a unique slot to each of your customers, you make their shopping experience more convenient and efficient, while also conveying a strong sense of care. This will bring you priceless goodwill.

Optimize Utilization Of Resources

Having your customers coming in within specific time slots allows you to utilise your time and human resources optimally. This helps you ensure the delivery of quality service while also being mindful of your staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FyndEasy app uses PinLets to help you locate any service in your vicinity. A PinLet is a searchable information snippet that stores essential details about local businesses. With just a click, easy-to-read PinLet cards appear on an AR map to help you locate the different establishments within a 10km radius. You can see their distance from you and also obtain clear directions to the place. You also get to view any promotional messages they may have broadcast.

The slot booking feature uses the same technology. Businesses owners share additional information about their hours of operation, chunking them into slots which users can choose from. Since every user has a unique slot, everyone is assured a quicker, smoother and safer shopping experience.

Yes. The FyndEasy app allows you to set your location as per your preference. You may add your current location, or feed in any other location of your choice within the city, where we are currently operational. The slot-booking feature then identifies stores that have slots available, within the area that you have specified.

You can book multiple time slots at a single store or multiple slots from multiple stores in a day.

No. We at FyndEasy have specially designed the slot booking feature to do our bit in the collective fight against coronavirus by making your shopping experience safer and smoother.

No. FyndEasy is a free application designed to redefine your consumer experience.