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5 Interesting Steps To Celebrate Navratri This Pandemic

Published on: October 14, 2020

With Navratri around the corner, our minds automatically picture a colorful pandal of vivacious dancers twirling to the folk symphonies. In a country that celebrates every festival with great enthusiasm, devotion, and merriment, this year narrates an altogether different story. With the novel coronavirus inflicting its fury upon us, social revelry has taken a backseat. As responsible citizens the least we could do to mitigate its spread is by avoiding any kind of festive gathering.

Traditionally at this time of the year, the Navratri shopping is in full spring. The crowds flock to the best ethnic wear shops in Hyderabad, to prepare for the dance events. This year, we are left with no choice but to worship Goddess Durga only at our homes, for the Navratri celebration.  But with every cloud having its silver lining, we certainly can make the best out of this daunting situation with our high spirits and optimism.

As the dancer within us craves to go wild to the beats of the Garba songs, let’s hop onto a more virtual route for celebrations. Here are 5 exciting steps in which we can have a low key yet fabulous Navratri celebration.

1. Begin The Festivity With A Makeover


A makeover is a fun way to indulge in some self-care and tingle your festive senses. Visit your nearest salon and get yourself the fancy haircut that you have been looking forward to trying. Experience the fruity facial that you have been longing for ages. Loosen up your stiffened muscles with a nice massage at a spa and get ready to rock your signature moves. Fyndeasy app has a list of some of the best salons and spas in Hyderabad, ranging from pocket-friendly ones to the high-end.

2. Virtual Dance Event With Your Family And Friends

virtual dance

The unanimously shared emotion of grooving in synchronization with your squad is the essence of a Garba event. Set up a virtual video call session with your friends and family, dancing to your favorite Garba songs. Not only do you capture this unique memory of a virtual Navratri celebration in your machines, but etch forever in hearts too.

3. Spruce Yourself Up In Nine Different Avatars

festive clothing

Make sure you buck up your fashion game up with some Navratri shopping for the virtual event. On the Fyndeasy app, you can find safe and affordable ethnic wear shops near you, for chic Indian wear.  Create unique looks with different styles of ethnic wear for each day, with the nine different colors assigned to each day. Don’t be afraid to fuse it up or mix and match your accessories to create your personalized style statement.

4. Your House Is Your Pandal

navratri decorations

Recreating the magical ambiance of a pandal within your living rooms will not only ignite a feeling of festivity but will also beat your pandemic blues. Lace your walls with some colorful shiny drapes or cascades of traditional marigold flowers. To save money, you can grab some fancy dupattas, during your Navratri shopping and use them for décor temporarily. Also, don’t forget to light up the room with the traditional Garba lamps and the disco dancing lights. Create a playlist of all the popular hits with the right tempo to set the perfect mood and atmosphere.

5. Food That Goes With The Mood

navratri celebration food

Order in your favorite Navratri foods from your nearest street-style food restaurants and team it with some refreshing beverages. Relish the delicious traditional foods and culminate this unique experience with yummy morsels of joy. The ring-a-bell feature on the Fyndeasy app can also update you on the ongoing offers at the restaurants nearby.

Experiences are what we make of them. Life may have thrown a mighty curveball this year, but we sure can tackle it with a skip in the step, this Navratri.