5 Ways For SMEs To Remerge From Covid-19 Impact With FyndEasy

5 Ways For SMEs To Remerge From Covid-19 Impact With FyndEasy

Published on: June 25, 2021

The year 2021 has not been any different from the last one for SMEs, as the second wave of Covid-19 hit the country once again rather harder. Barring a few, the lockdowns across most states were not as stringent as before. Nevertheless, the small local businesses did take a hit on account of the constant curfews and very little footfall. As the number of cases is gradually decreasing, lockdowns all around are being relaxed or completely lifted. It’s time for SMEs to adopt some powerful strategies for business growth using the FyndEasy Partner app and rise like a phoenix. Let us take you through them.

1. Enhance Reach 

increase reach

Widening your reach can do wonders for businesses. For SMEs, getting connected with the local audiences is very important. By listing on the FyndEasy app, local businesses can leverage its hyper-local search engines and get easily discovered by local people looking for your services. Also, with the app’s Broadcast feature, your latest promotional message is one of the first things to pop up when searched. It helps to capture the consumer’s attention instantly and engage them.

2. Impactful Online Presence


In this technology-driven era, it is almost mandatory for businesses to have an online presence. The internet is reaching even the remotest of areas. It is only vital for local small businesses to carve a niche on the digital platform. Creating and maintaining a website may not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why FyndEasy provides the facility of designing a Microsite. Businesses can enrich their profiles with pictures, videos, audios, menus, rate cards, contact details, etc.

3. Offers to Drive More Walk-ins

increase walk-ins

One of the sure-shot ways to shoot up walk-ins to your business is to provide attractive incentives for it. FyndEasy gives you the platform to create check-in offers. Customers can unlock these upon checking into your store. Stores and restaurants can enter their offer details, set terms and conditions, select periods and select their preferred code packages. To know more about how this works, go to the Check-in-Offers page.

4. Nurture Customer Relations

bell notification

Customer retention is directly proportional to nurturing customer relations. A great way of fostering customer relations is by keeping them updated with your latest launches, offers, deals, and other updates. Moreover, constantly keeping them in the loop amplifies brand recall. SMEs can stay in touch with their customers by getting them to use the Ring-a-bell feature, thus improving customer retention.

5. Promotional Campaigns


 Promoting offers, deals, new service launches, some other perk will help SMEs kick start their business. Whether it is something to sell online, get people to call for your service, or get customers offline. Very soon, FyndEasy will be launching the Promo feature. With this feature, business owners can not only run promotional campaigns but also get access to a dashboard to manage them and analyze results, all in a single platform. Moreover, the campaigns will run in the locations and time period you select. Stay tuned for more updates on the Promo feature.

The above strategies for business growth, with the use of the FyndEasy Partner app, can give local small businesses a competitive edge. It will help them reach out to more customers and build brand value, resulting in increased sales. If you are a small or medium-sized business owner, reach out to us and, we will help you get your business back in the game. Share your information here and our team will get back to you.